Me, In My Youth!

Older Me withSheriff Pete
 Me, in all my glory!
Crazy Blonde Lady who
thinks she's my sister!
Beautiful Young Lady who is
possibly related to crazy blonde.
Cute Little Marmot who is probably
not related to any of us.
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What do I do in my "spare" time?
Chairman, Friends of Rhyolite
Former Board Member, Beatty Museum & Historical Society
Former President, Friends of the Library
Former Chairman, Amargosa Valley Planning Board
And, if there's any time left?
Photograph the desert
Echo Canyon Trip
Chloride Cliff Trip
Ham radio
Drag friends around in my old Jeep
Go for long hikes in the Funeral Mountains, Death Valley, Ash Meadows,
Big Dune, and elsewhere in the Mojave Desert
Stare at interesting plants, pick up neat rocks, watch
the birds and animals, listen to the silence

Pictures of My Place