Meeting held on January 24, 2001 @ 1:00 P.M.

RE: Amargosa Landfill

Planning Board Members Present:

Edward Booss

David Boyd

Town Advisory Board Members Present:

Ed Goedhart

Lisle Lowe

Also Present were:

Bob Wickenden – Nye County Road Dept.

Val Sawyer - SRK Associates

LaVonne Selbach – Southern Nye Co. Soil District


1. The current Amargosa Landfill will be out of room in the very near future. The

current landfill is not in compliance with state NDEP regulations and is currently

in a trespass situation on BLM land.

2. BLM’s conveyance of land to Nye County for a landfill could be held up for as

long as two to three years in the event of an Amargosa town protest.

3. Bob Wickenden has indicated that the Nye County Commissioners will not restrict

Nye County communities’ future utilization of the Amargosa proposed MSW II


4. If Amargosa continues with its filed protest and either the state or BLM shuts down

the current landfill, Amargosa could be without a landfill for its own residents.

Given the above facts, it is our recommendation that our protest be withdrawn if the following conditions are agreed to by Nye County in a written MOU with Amargosa:

scale and that all inbound garbage is weighed and recorded and that the origination

of all non-Amargosa garbage be documented in a log open for public review.

garbage from California) to such a level that it becomes economically beneficial

for the originating states to keep their own garbage. Total revenues collected for

such shipments be recorded and tracked separately in a log open for public review.

The tippage fee schedule that is instituted will be developed jointly between the

Amargosa Town Advisory Board and the Nye County Board of Commissioners.

All revenues collected from out of county tippage fees will be used as an additional

source of funding for the Amargosa town budget. These revenues will help to serve

as a small mitigation measure for Amargosa residents who will bear the additional

dust, flies, noise and truck traffic that a regional landfill will bring.


Pahrump garbage to be dumped in Amargosa at the Class II MSW (below 20 tons/day